Find Your True Health By Building Strength, Eating Right, & and Balancing Your Nervous System

Wondering how much food you should eat, and how you should train, to get REAL results?
If you’re ready to stop under eating, dieting, and wasting your time on workouts that don’t do anything, you need my Lean Ladies Calorie, Protein and Workout Guide.

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Achieve Your Healthiest, Fittest Body and Mind – Holistically

I help sensitive women to get in the best shape physically, mentally and emotionally.

Unlike many other programs that prescribe unreasonable diets, extreme exercise and have no attention to stress management, my approach is different.

Here, you will learn how to build strength, eat right for your needs, and balance your nervous system which is just as important as getting your food and fitness right.

Expect strength training, macro nutrition, cold plunges and right breathing – plus a hint of spirituality!


How To Burn 500 Extra Calories A Day – With Plenty Of Food And No Extra Cardio

How to Crush Your First Ice Bath


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Fit Physique Formula

Do you want to arrive at your healthiest body composition, by eating enough, NOT cutting out carbs, NOT reducing calories to 1200? It is possible. Your first step is to get enough protein.
Follow this guide, and you NEVER have to diet again.